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Property Management

We Help You Manage Your Tenants

At Property Plus we understand that property, like any investment, is only as good as its net annual return and capital appreciation. To maximise both, our objective is to ensure properties are maintained at optimum condition and presentation at a reasonable cost and to select suitable tenants while achieving competitive market rental.


 Assess your property’s current market rental

Before finding a tenant Property Plus can inspect your property and inform you of a current fair market rental. We can also advise you of any refurbishments or maintenances that can attract a higher rental income.

Marketing your property for rent

We do these through diverse ways including property listing platforms, banner display at strategic locations, leveraging on extensive agent network etc.

Find and select suitable tenants

After a prospective tenants confirms intrest in a property, the tenant will complete a detailed application form and meet with us for an interview. We carefully check the applicant’s references, including employment details, previous landlord referees etc. We then advise you by phone or email and allow you to make the final decision.

Preparation of legal documents & Pre Tenancy Inspections
Before any tenant moves in, we prepare a water tight tenancy agreement. In addition to this, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the property and complete a detailed written report, including photos, of the condition of the property (including fittings and fixtures) prior to the commencement of the Tenancy We also prepare an inventory of contents for tenants to sign.

Rent Collections

We send out a reminder to the Tenant 2 months before the due date of payment  and do constant follow up until payment is made.

Routine Inspections

Properties are inspected, without fail, on a bi-monthly basis. Following each routine inspection you will be provided with a report detailing:

  • The general condition of the property
  • The manner in which the tenants are maintaining the property
  • Any repair or maintenance required now or in the foreseeable future
  • Outstanding Utilities

Arrange Repairs and Maintenance

Where necessary, we engage artisans to attend to “Landlord side” repairs/maintenance.

We have a flexible system of maintenance to cover the requirements of owners who instruct us to attend to all maintenance matters on their behalf as well as for those who prefer to attend to these matters themselves. If requested we are happy to use specific artisans nominated by you.

Oversee final inspections and end of tenancy matters

When the tenant advises us of their intention to vacate the property, we will inform you of the tenant’s intention to vacate and oversee that the property is returned in a tenantable state with all utilities paid up to date.  An Exit check will be conducted and a report generated which is checked against the original Entry Report.


In the event that a Tenant commits a fundamental breach of the Tenancy Agreement, we would issue the proper notices and then file a plaint for eviction. In doing this we shall adapt best practices to ensure a firm and efficient eviction process.

Interface with Regulatory Bodies

Our role also involves interaction with relevant Regulatory Bodies.

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