500 Acres with C of O For Sale at Magboro

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Property Description: 500 acres of land

Title: Certificate of Occupancy

Price: N6,000,000 (Six Million Naira) per acre


The property is located at Gas Line, Magboro, Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State. It covers a total land area of 202.637 hectares (500.726 acres) and is about 5.7 kilometers to the Ibadan –Lagos Expressway.

The property is more particularly described in Survey Plan No. OG\854\2009\02 dated 04-02-2009 and demarcated by survey beacons Nos SC/OG/AD 2102 to SC/OG/AD 2146 signed by Registered Surveyor K.A LAWAL. It is accessible to Lagos through an existing Gasline Road that is connected to the Ibadan-Lagos Expressway. The Gasline Road is 15 metres wide and remains untarred without drainage on both sides.


The topographical map shows that the site is a relatively low land with heights range from 3.5 metres to 18 metres above sea level. The lowest point of 3.5 m on the site is found in the south -western tip while the highest point of 18m is located in the north-eastern part. The lower portion of the site is found in the southern part. The height rises gradually towards the north to 12 metres before falling to 10 metres and later rising to 18 metres in the north. There is a long stretch of valley in the western part of the site that cuts off a small portion of the site . A pleateau-type of landform of 9.0 metres high occupies the central part of the site. It is from this point that the landform rises gradually towards the north to 18 metres above the sea level before descending to 12.5 metres at the north- eastern boundary of the site.

The topographical map of the site shows that the landform of the major part of the area slopes in south-west direction. The drainage pattern of the north – eastern part of the site as shown in the contours indicates that the land slopes in two directions- north and south. These drainage channels discharge water into

Adjoining Land Uses and Development

The property is surrounded by agricultural land use on all its boundaries. It must however be noted that the parcels of land on the southern and eastern parts of the property are being developed into residential estates e.g Polaris Bank Staff Estate and New Dawn Estate (Owned by former Afribank).

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