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About Us

About PropertyPlus.com.ng

Property Plus is a specialist, full-service Real Estate Company delivering award-winning development and marketing services.

At Property Plus, we combine the knowledge of a hugely experienced team across key marketing disciplines to deliver digitally-focused development and marketing solutions across key property markets including; retail and leisure, office, industrial and residential – both in Nigeria and overseas.

We have in-depth market expertise, knowledge and understanding; combined with the experience of working with some of the world’s leading property organizations.


1. Development & Construction– Our team of experienced professionals are involved in every aspect of the development process from site acquisition; co-ordination of architectural & engineering design; building plan permits & approvals; Project Management etc.

2.Risk Advisory & Due Diligence: We advise clients on investment in real estate by providing them with information that will enable them reach intelligent real estate investment decisions. We also provide due diligence services that guide our clients through the process of title investigation, litigation search, document verification, topographic checks, document processing, building approval processing & verification, background checks, encroachment checks, omo-onile issues etc.

3.Finance Brokers- We act as Real Estate Financial Originators by aiding the matching of economic entities that need capital with those that have capital. We are able to bridge the gap between the Real Estate developers and the right kind of financing to meet the needs of various project financing, an example is our platform for crowd-funding projects which is essentially the collective effort of individuals or firms who network and pool their resources together to support real estate concepts by other people or organizations.

4. Strategic Marketing: Our marketing team have designed models that will enable you sell or lease your properties in a very short period. We presently reach over 10,000 (ten thousand) real estate agents, who in turn, have an extensive reach in the real estate industry.

5.Asset Valuation: We also carry out valuations on Plants, Machinery, Buildings and Chattels. We achieve this through a combination of high Professional standards and research combined with market forces to arrive at fair market value.

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